A Sad, Cold Day

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A Cold, Sad Day

Waking up to a blizzard on a cold December morning, I could already tell this day was not going to end well. When I walked downstairs in a sleepwalking manner, I went to my dog’s food bowl for his morning meal. He quickly ran up to the bowl but not quite as quick as usual, he was normally waiting when I came down. Buddy, my dog, was breathing heavier than usual, so we decided to take him to the Animal Hospital. When we got there they took him immediately and took a look at him. They said he had a tumor in his throat and there wasn’t much they could do about it. They recommended that we put him down. That was the last thing I wanted to hear, I had grown up with this dog my entire life and now he was just going to disappear without any warning. I was not really sure how to take it at the time but I realized later on that it was the right thing to do even though not having him around would be tough. The house was a lot quieter without him around and much worse coming home with no one running up and jumping up on you to welcome you home. About a year later we got another dog, his name Rocky, which brightened up the house quite a lot with a little puppy running around. No dog could ever replace Buddy but Rocky would always be welcome in our house with his bright personality and funny habits. In the end all turned out well and even though Buddy was gone it had an effect on how I appreciated what I had. From then on I made sure to appreciate what was given to me and I appreciate Rocky everyday.
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