A Rose for Emily: Themes

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A Rose For Emily

In many stories characters isolate themselves for society, due to events of their past. Extreme isolation can cause can cause loneliness in one's life. In ''A Rose For Emily'', the author seems to portray that such isolation can cause someone to do an unspeakable act. Isolation and loneliness in any case will cause some behavioral issues.

The main character, Emily Grierson lives her life under her father. Her father thinks that no man is good enough for his daughter. Therefore, he pushes anyone who comes near his daughter. After living like this for many years, Emily is left with nothing after her father dies. Due to that fact that her father has driven all the men who wanted to enter her life, she is left alone in complete isolation from the world.

Emily stays in her house for sometime. The house shields Emily from the world suggesting her mind is trying to cling to all she has known. Emily is a quiet and mysterious figure. She enforces her own sense of law and conduct, such as when she refuses to pay her taxes or tell her purpose for buying the poison. Her refusal of the law eventually takes on worse consequences, as she takes the life of the man who she refuses to allow to abandon her.

Miss Emily seems to start to show some sense of socialism when she meets a man named Homer Barron. They are together for a long time and everyone in town believes that they will be married soon. However, Homer decides that he wants to leave Emily. Emily, after going through the loss of her father, decides to kill Homer. She purchases Arsenic from the drug store and poisons Homer leaving his corpse in her house. In her mind she will always have him by here side, so she leaves his body positioned on the bed. She sleeps with his corpse until her own death.

Emily Grierson is a perfect example of the extreme effects of depression, isolation, and loneliness will do to a person. She went from being apart of the most revered family to living as if...
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