A Rose for Emily Character Motiviation Essay

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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A Rose for Emily: Character Motivation For Killing Homer
The main character, Emily Grierson, in Williams Faulkner’s story, “A Rose for Emily”, is a proud southern woman that displays strange behavior around her town. Throughout the story the behavior of Emily Grierson is mysterious and undergoes through a lot of tragedies. While living with her father she was not allowed to date any man because for the eyes of her father all men weren’t good enough for her. Her father rules her every move and keeps Emily isolated from the public. The story takes place during the Civil War, so in that time women were to be married at a young age. After her father’s death, Emily became more isolated and mentally unstable. Emily is a very spoiled women, she is determined to get exactly what she wants whenever she wants and at which ever cost It is.

At the age of thirty Emily finally finds Homer Barron, the love of her life; she believes he is her only chance for getting married and she will do anything to keep him by her side forever. Emily began to fall in love with Homer, there first time going out together the whole town viewed at them in a weird way. Like in every small town gossip went on quickly and the idea of Emily, a high social class woman, dating a lower class man was a great reason for people to gossip on. Emily then realized that Homer was not interest on her the way she thought, so that was when she became obsessed and did not wanted to lose him.

Emily kills Homer Barron because of all the problems she had threw out her life made her isolated and with different perspectives of life. She knew that Homer will never be with her so she could not stand to be left alone again, when her father died and left her alone, she thought she finally had found her partner and then realized that he had no absolute interest in sharing his life with her. Due to her mental illness Emily decides to kill Homer and keep the body in a room in her house. This makes us seem she was...
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