A Rose for Emily Essay - Introduction: Plot Summary

A Rose for Emily

A. Introduction
Plot summary
This story about a woman, who is called Emily. she came from a rich family .She’s elegant woman ,but she is strange woman in the world . so anyone or people in her village could not understand about her. She doesn’t have mother but she only had a father. They lived in big house in a little village. Her father didn’t married again so he needed and love Emily very much. And didn’t want anyone take away her from him. But she wanted to have boy friends, because she always feel lonely,but every man who wanted to date with her,her father always rejected all of them,because he was afraid to be left alone.Because of this he forbade Emily to see men and this was not good for Emily ,shevalso got afraid to be abandoned and would do anything to keep the men ,who she loved. When her father dead,she could not let go of him and she never showed claim that her father was still alive.the day after his death all the ladies prepared to call at the house and offer condolence and aid,miss Emily met them at the door and with no grief on her face.She told them that her father was not dead she did that for three days ,with the minister calling on her ,and the doctors trying to persuade her to let them dispose of the body.Just as they were about to resort to law and force,she broke down and they buried her father quickly. The town had just let the contracts for paving the side walks,and in the summer after her father deadh they began the work ,after her father dead,she could finally have men in her life he was one of them.His name was Homer Barron he was a big,dark,ready man,with big voice,black yankee he is a foremen from the construction company came with niggers and mules and machinery.Emily very loved him and expected that he wanted to marry her,the people thought they would get married because Emily had already bought equipment for married such as jeweler’s,a complete outfit of men’s clothing.but unfortunately he claimed that he was not...
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