A Rose for Emily: Environmental and Personal Factors Leading to Emily's Tragedy

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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The Environmental and Personal Factors for Emily’s Tragedy ——An analysis of A Rose for Emily
Gemei Jiang
Abstract:“A Rose for Emily”, at a background of social change of the south after the Civil War, written by William Faulkner who was a famous representative of modernism writer in America, is a short story about the tragic life and death of Miss Emily Grierson, who used to be an upper class lady under the familial halo. With gothic horror and mysterious plots, it tells a distorted love tragedy of an eccentric spinster, who transformed gradually from an arrogant noble lady to a psychopathic old woman. Emily’s tragedy results from not only her personality and psychology, but also the environmental and other external factors, which can be the last to ignore. This paper will make an analysis of the external and internal factors for Emily’s Tragedy.

Key Words: environment, personality, tragedy, a rose for Emily.

The environmental factors: the background and alien strangers First of all, after the civil war in the United States, Grison family still remained an aloof concept of elevate social status. Family 's shaikh also as Emily's father was a seriously patriarchal tendency person. He was fastidious about his daughter’s marriage and drove away all the men showing love to Emily to preserve the status and dignity. “When she got thirty and was still single”. Obviously, both her body and mind were enslaved by her father’s traditional concept. Therefore, she felt released when her father was dead, and there was no “trace of grief on her face”. Raised up under the paternalism and strict education, Emily developed a strong dependence on her father and a hidden pent-up brutality inside her, which explains that Emily tried to hide her father’s corpse.And that’s why after her father's death, owning nothing, Emily ignored the concept of common customs and soon fell in love with a young man called Homer who came to town to build the rail way from north. This gave...
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