A Review of Artwork

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  • Topic: Waist-hip ratio, Brassiere, Graffiti
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  • Published : January 20, 2011
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Mark: 11/20
The artworks are primarily two-dimensional and produced in such media as acrylic, pen and ink, chalk, watercolour, pencil, photography and mixed media. An additional and informative photograph of the exhibition as a whole is also included in the record booklet. The student mainly shows artwork on a theme relating to the female form and displays some sensitivity to the materials used and to their use in the development of this theme. The work is personally relevant and, through the study of approaches to the female body, illustrates some exploration of ideas that reflect both cultural and historical awareness. Technical competence is satisfactory and the student exercises some independent judgment along with emerging confidence (more clearly identifiable from the overview photograph of the examination exhibition than from the set of individual photographs). The student reveals some self-direction and independent judgment in addressing the selected theme. Investigation

Mark: 8/20
The supporting pages provide evidence of investigation into the theme of the female form using such references as the photographic work of Horst and an inquiry into the development of the female corset over the past century. There is also some reference to plastic surgery related to this theme. Other themes represented include oriental footwear (from China) and political graffiti (Banksy). There is a fairly consistent relationship between the investigative studies and the studio work. The student presents and describes art from different cultures and times, and sometimes considers it for its function and significance. The vocabulary used, although simple and descriptive, is generally appropriate. Some effective skills, techniques and processes are employed in the collection of information relevant to waist size and to the binding of feet, but they are not analysed in depth or interpreted and presented beyond a mediocre standard. There is evidence of some organized,...
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