Intro to Fine Arts Review

Topics: Music, Poetry, Aristotle Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Know the definition of the following terms: art, aesthetic, gestalt, imagery, imagination, and verisimilitude. What is the difference between denotation and connotation? What is a metaphor? What is a simile? How can you tell them apart? What would be the subject matter of a portrait, a still life, or a landscape?

What is the purpose of criticism? What is the critical process? What issues might a formal critic and a contextual critic disagree on? What is propaganda? Be able to define Glittering Generalities, Card Stacking, Name Calling, Bandwagon. While we borrow these terms from the field of propaganda, consider how these things can weaken a critical argument.

What is the difference between representational and non-representational art? Know the “4 Big –Isms” of style we discussed in class. Be able to recognize visual examples of these styles.

Elements and Techniques of Composition:
Know the elements of composition. Know and understand what primary, secondary, and tertiary colors are. Know these terms regarding color: complementary, analogous, hue, chroma, saturation, intensity, shade, tint, palette. Know and understand perspective (both linear and aerial), chiaroscuro, dynamics, and balance and why artists use these techniques.

What is our definition of sculpture? Know the four ways of making sculpture we discussed. Know the difference between full-round sculpture and relief sculpture. What is an armature?

Know the elements of sound. What is our definition of music? Know the Italian terms for tempo and volume. Know the four types of musical texture. Know these terms with regard to music: rhythm, beat, meter, measure. What is syncopation? Think about the following quote: “At table, true barbecue believers have little interest in conversation. In a minor key set to the cleaver’s cadence, you will hear only a faint chorus of pleasure moans, slurping, and licking.”...
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