A Return to Traditional Gender Roles Response

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  • Published : May 19, 2012
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Although Dench argues that society should return to traditional gender roles, a return to traditional gender roles would not improve society to how he plans it. This proposal allows men to oppress women’s rights even if both men and women have the same rights and the economy isn’t fit; however this proposal would benefit the children of society. Today’s society women are slowly acquiring power and knowledge. With this said they know their rights and wouldn’t allow it. If society were to go back to traditional gender roles more conflict that there is now will rise. Women gained their rights through the feminist’s movements in the 1970’s. It took women such a long time in order to give up their rights just like that. Especially now that women are educated the same as men, they are taught their rights in school. Women are trying to be equal to men and want the chance to prove that they can accomplish what men could, and even more in some cases. Equality is the right to be different. For example, it wouldn’t be fair to a lady if she was told she could only order salads at restaurants. She should be able to have a choice in what she wants, as well as for men. Both men and women should work as a team. Like in the clip, Gender Roles Reversed, when women were the dominant ones, the situations that were showed were exactly like how society is running today. The problem with one sex being dominant over the other is that they will never be equal. There has to be a balance where both put in the same amount of work to work together instead of trying to compete against each other and pushing each other away. Dench’s male perspective on how to improve society goes both ways. If we get women to be the dominant ones in society, like in the video, society will improve due to women being the provider. Dench’s proposal to return to traditional gender roles wouldn’t work in today’s society. Society today is going through a recession. Jobs are scarce right now. It would be...
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