A Research on Marketing Mix of Ntv International Television Channel Ltd

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Report on

“A research on Marketing Mix of NTV International Television channel ltd”

Submitted To:
Dr.AHM Ehsanul Huda Chowdhury Course Instructor
Course: Marketing Research
BBA Program

Submitted By:
Shanta Sanjida Islam
ID: 08-10331-1

---------- Submission Date: 10/04/2012 ----------

Marketing Research Report on

“Marketing Mix of Ntv International Television Channel ltd”

May 10th, 2012
AHM Ehsanul Huda Chowdhury
American International University- Bangladesh (AIUB)
Kamal Atatturk Avenue, Banani
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dear Dr. Chowdhury,
I am submitting herewith my report entitled Marketing mix of Ntv international channel as our Marketing Research course requirement. The main purpose of this report is to master a set of concepts on how to make an effective proposal. The proposal shows a detail scope of works, approaches, and methodologies, work plan, breakdown of prices, commercial provision and promotional problem.

We hope that this report will merit your approval.
Respectfully yours,
Shanta, Sanjida Islam
ID: 08-10331-1


The success of this report depends on the contribution of number of people specially those who have shared their thoughtful guidance and suggestions to complete this report.

First, I want to give special thanks to my honorable course teacher Dr.AHM Ehsanul Huda Chowdhury for his valuable contribution by giving flow-less instructions and suggestions to the preparation of this report. He has been gracious enough to spare time out from his busy schedule for giving me all the necessary assistance throughout the entire period of the semester and the report writing time. Without his help this report might not have been a comprehensive one.

My special thanks to employees of Ntv who are helping me to complete this report. Without their help it’s not possible to easily. My friends those who are helping me my survey questioner solve. And Special Thanks to Alhaj Nuruddin Ahmed, Director Of Ntv International Television Channel Ltd.

I tried to give my best effort to complete this report. There might be some mistakes or errors. In the regard, I believe to get a kind consideration form my teacher.


As a marketing student I choose marketing mix of Ntv, because I believe Marketing mix is the base of marketing and without this any kind of strategy can’t be successful. Ntv is one of the most successful and leading channel in Bangladesh. They follow different type’s program, promotion strategy to expend their business. As a student of marketing department this is very much relevant to my future career to know about marketing mix of accompany.

Now a days in the market of Satellite television channels Channel I is considered as a leader of all channels. So the main competitor of Ntv is Channel I. As a leading channel there is always a risk to be attacked by the market challengers. Ntv’s strategy is to defend their market share by being premium in service, having full-line strategy, extensive and efficient dealership system and good financing.

I my research I tried to find out the price place and promotional strength and weakness of ntv. For doing this I took help the employees and directors of this channel.


1.1History of the Satellite Tv channels In Bangladesh

The first television signal broadcast in Bangladesh was in 1964 by the state-owned television network BTV. From then onwards BTV had a...
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