A Raisin in the Sun - Pride, Hope, and Dignity

Topics: Emotion Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Pride, Hope, and Dignity

To get the full just of just how the characters in either a particular book or playwright acts, you need to visually see it for yourself. The appearance, behavior, and dialogue of the characters give effort to explaining the story. The Youngers were a different breed of family they had different values and they had morals. They had dreams and they were not going to let anything stop those dreams. The typical attitude of black families in that era was simply, your black so you kind of have a cloud of darkness over your head. The screen adaptation showed the bravery and the love that they family had for each other. The screen viewing of A Raisin in the Sun further enhances the viewer’s opinion of the movie; it shows just how the family has emotions, hope and optimism.

The screen adaptation gave the audience a better view of the whole play from an emotional stand point. Just reading the play the narration gives you a flat look of the emotions that each character portrays. The readers have to rely on the narrations to tell the story. Like for instance in the Lorraine Hansberry written version of the play when Walter Younger was discussing wanting have something for the future and opening a liquor store with the insurance check (Act 1 Scene 1), the play really doesn’t give that much emotional background just what we read. His emotions are described to us through the narration. On the other hand with the screen adaptation the audience gets to see just how passionate he is while he’s trying to explain his reasoning to Ruth. The movie shows the viewers more rounded characters by showing their facial expressions, their hand motions and their true feelings. He had so much emotion and excitement in his face it seems that he just wanted Ruth to feel the same way he was. All he wanted was for his wife to have his back and follow his lead and care about his dreams as much as he did. His emotions give the audience a “real” view of...
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