A Questionable Drug: Depo Provera

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  • Published : May 11, 2006
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A Questionable Drug: Depo Provera

For decades, Depo Provera has been used around the world, not always for the same purpose. The drug, medroxyprogesterone acetate, more commonly known as Depo Provera, was originally made to be an injectable form of long-term birth control. When Depo was first approved in the US as an effective form of birth control this seemed liked a miracle drug for women. You would not have to remember to take a pill every morning, fewer side effects, even a shorter menstrual cycle. Now with more and more complaints being filed with the FDA, many are wondering if it is safe at all. As I was researching for this paper, I was beside myself with so many emotions. I was on Depo Provera for almost 3 years, so coming across all these bits of information that I feel has been hidden from me was unbelievable. When I was considering birth control, my doctor recommended this for me. I remember I asked him about any side effects and the only response he gave me was "You might gain a little weight, which you need so don't worry about anything". I have to say after researching this drug, immense concern has consumed me, because I have discovered that Depo Provera causes long lasting ( in some cases irreversible) side effects.

When I first learned of the other uses for this drug I immediately wondered what sort of experiments had been done. Throughout my research, I have found an extremely limited number of experiments open for the public eye to view, and that fact frightened me. I was able to find four main experiments. The one with the most information was The Million Woman Study (Banks). This experiment involves roughly one million women age 50 and over that currently lived in the UK. The purpose was to find factors that may play a role in developing breast cancer. The most questioning results came from hormone replacement therapy, such as Depo Provera. The study concluded that Depo users double their risk of breast...
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