A Qualitative Study of Service on Customer Satisfaction

Topics: Hotel, Service, Customer satisfaction Pages: 44 (12152 words) Published: June 5, 2011

In recent times, customer’s satisfaction has been the main concern for every hotel and resort. Customers are now more valued and every effort is being made to keep them loyal to the hotel and make them permanent visitors. The hotel industry believes that higher level of customer satisfaction may result in higher levels of repurchase. Repeat purchasing is essential to a continued stream of profitability through achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction (Oliver, 1997). The customers’ satisfaction can be defined as “the fulfillment response” which they feel towards given service. It has been a judgment that a product or service feature, or the product or service itself, provides (or is providing) a pleasurable level of consumption-related fulfillment, including levels of underfulfilment or overfulfilment” (Oliver, 1996, p. 14). The concept of consumer satisfaction occupies a central position in marketing thought and practice. Conceptually, satisfaction is an outcome of purchase and use results from the buyer’s comparison of the rewards and costs of the purchase in relation to the anticipated consequences. Operationally, satisfaction is similar to attitude in that it can be assessed as the sum of the satisfactions with the various attributes of the product or service. With due consideration of this marketing approach, every effort is being made to provide the customers with better services in order to keep them loyal and make them a repeat visitor. The customer’ behaviour is considered as the ultimate success scale within the industry. The hotel industry is also among those sectors which have been trying to attract customers as long term visits. For this purpose, the hotel industry consistently applies different approaches to assess the customers’ satisfaction level in order to introduce new methods to attract them and make them their repeat visitors. The Pearl of Africa (Uganda) has many attractions for the tourists and visitors from all around the world and a great number of visitors come into the country in order to enjoy tranquil and naturally beautiful sceneries, hospitality of the local population and the unique services like spa offered by the hotel industry. There are a lot of visiting places in the country like the Mountains of the moon, Owen waterfalls, Murchison falls, Diving, Dinning and restaurant and Kampala nightlife and others. These attractions have attracted visitors tremendously and have contributed significantly to enhance the business opportunity for the local hotels and resorts. Martin Motel is one of the most famous Hotels in Uganda. It is a luxurious retreat in Uganda, situated in a strategic place of Ndeeba a few kilometers from the city centre and the national Airport Entebbe. The Hotel offers its customers a break from the hassles of the real world. The hotel enjoys a spectacular hillside setting, overlooking a seclude bay just north of the world famous Kabaka’s Lake. It is located a few minutes from the airport and a short drive from the city centre (Martin Motel, 2010). Martin Motel and Spa has strived to offer its customers excellent service over the years.

The purpose of this study was to analyse the level of customers’ satisfaction at Martin Motel, Kampala, Uganda. This analysis would be made by assessing customers’ opinion through a well designed questionnaire. Considering the results of this analysis, the study will try to suggest the strategy for achieving a desirable customers’ satisfaction in the light of new marketing approaches.

The specific objectives of the study were;
To understand the level of customers’ satisfaction by conducting a survey. •To analyse the characteristics of the customers’ satisfaction which contribute their loyalty for the particular hotel or resort. This will be done by analysing purpose of visit,...
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