A Promptless Prompt

Topics: Mind, Government Pages: 4 (1405 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Death, corruption, degradation: these are three main characteristics and values that have become accustomed to this present century. Many lyrics in today’s mainstream music aren’t associated with current events and problems; they focus on being materialistic and giving details about intercourse. Sayings like “SWAG”, “YOLO” and “3hunna” are staples in youth’s vocabulary, even though it sounds like mindless dribble. Kids today are seen as “unengaged” and “bored” with the world but why? What’s popular today are reality shows, easy to operate “smart phones” that make “dumb people” and music that promotes topics that aren’t so proactive. Does the government seem to notice however? In the 1980’s the “Parents Music Resource Center” pushed the government extensively to ban “obscene lyrics in rock music”(L.A. Times, Deborah Caulfield). The government’s absence when coming to advocating quality entertainment seems to part of something bigger. Trends set today are ones that are setting us up for a lousy future and the ones who “run” America, are feeding off it.

Music is a complex form of art; the goals of the artist lay in their mind, and the only limitations are in their own voice, hands or feet. Much of the charm in music is the artist playing and singing in a way unique to them, today though, the instruments have been replaced with computers and good singing can achieved by anyone with an “auto-tune” machine. You don’t need to be a musician to be big in music, knowing somebody is what goes a long way. For the ones big in mainstream music it’s become a popularity contest; if every 11 year old girl thought Justin Bieber was ugly he would have no career. On average it takes 5 people to write his songs and 17 people to produce his albums, does this look like musical talent to ANYBODY? There is proof of this “lack of talent”, and almost all of you have experienced this proof. Does anybody find “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” cool anymore? How about the ‘Young Joc’ song “It’s...
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