A Project on Apple Inc.

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  • Published : August 24, 2009
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|An IT Industry Project | |by | |SAARTHAK VERMA | |(WRO 0284493) |


|S.No |Subject |Page No | | |Foreword |3 | | |Apple’s Mission Statement |4 | | |Introduction |5 | | |Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc. |6 | | |A Look at the History pages... |8 | | |Product Range |18 | | |Competition |26 | | |Windows V/s Mac |28 | | |Business Strategy |32 | | |Overseas presence |33 | | |The Reasons for Apple’s Success Story |36 | | |Human Resources |42 | | |The Financials |43 | | |A peek into the Future |47 | | |Some Interesting Facts & Anecdotes |48 | | |Acknowledgements |58 |


|Foreword |[pic] |

Just as KBC turned the corners for Amitabh Bachchan at a time when he was financially in a big mess and his prestigious bungalow at Juhu, mortgaged to his bankers, was on the verge of going under the hammer, the launch of a small gadget turned the corners for Apple Inc. Today Apple Inc. is known by the world as the company which gave it the iPod, followed by the iPhone. Both these gadgets have been lapped up by millions of music lovers and mobile users around the word. Little do these youngsters know that manufacturing iPods and iPhones is not the main business of Apple Inc. It is computers.

In 1984, Apple was the first to launch a computer with a revolutionary mouse-driven graphical user interface (GUI). It was called the “Macintosh”. The operating system was called “Mac OS”. It was much later, that Microsoft followed the footsteps of Apple and launched its Microsoft Windows OS. It may sound surprising but is a known fact the world over, that Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, and an arch rival of Apple Inc., was a great admirer of Apple Macintosh computers. In his early days he had once made his views public. He said, “To create a new standard it takes something that’s not just a little bit different. It takes something that’s really new and really...
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