Marketing Mix with Apple Inc.

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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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The Genius Marketing Mix of Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is a worldwide company that has employed many forms of successful marketing mix strategies. This company has had times of historic highs and unforeseen lows. Apple Inc. has transformed over decades, while remaining fundamentally the same. For this paper, Apple Inc. will be inspected for its success and failures, presumably resulting from the various chosen marketing mix strategies used throughout the companies life. We will examine how, if at all, these strategies impacted sales, marketability, reliability, consumer satisfaction and expectation, and its overall commercial acceptance. We will be referencing articles that provide a timeline of events for the company, the products marketed, as well as advertisements used. We will explore the four P’s of marketing – Price, Product, Placement and Promotion.

Keywords: marketing mix, advertising, success, strategies, advertisements

The Genius Marketing Mix of Apple Inc.
Finding A Product and Strategizing Marketing
In the early 1970’s, personal computers were unheard of. Computer technology was reserved for the corporate environment. This reservation was based upon three reasoning’s. The first reasoning was cost; a computer was simply too expensive for the common household. Only a business had the financial means, outside of the extremely wealthy, to finance ownership of a computer. The second reason was usability. Early computers were not designed for an everyday user. A computer user during this time had to be educated with the knowledge of computer coding to be able to operate a computer. This in turn leads us to the third reason - purpose. A business had multiple uses for computers – reports, databases, payroll, office networking, financial tracking and so forth. The main stream household had no real use for computers in everyday life. Not only was the use of the computer limited to corporate like...
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