A Problem Encountered Whilst Administering Medication

Topics: Food safety, Shelf life Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: June 22, 2012
it was my responsibility to administer medication to our services users. In preparation for this, I gathered all the equipment I required: cups of water, spoons, galley pots and latex gloves for preventing cross contamination whilst administering medication. I then obtained the medication cabinet key, which had been secured.

I washed my hands thoroughly including thumbs and fingernails. I ensured that the area where medication is administered was clear and free from noise, people and distraction. When the area was free and became a controlled environment. I was now able to focus all of my attention to the task at hand. I called the first service user who was due his medication into the controlled medication area. The service user was notably agitated and off baseline.

I checked all the information on the service users medication label to ensure that it was the correct medication for the service user. I checked the name of the medication, strength and dosage, the time and frequency it was due to be given. I checked the expiry date and validity and address on the label. I checked that it corresponded with the information on the service users individual MAR’s sheet. At this stage I also checked that it had not been signed and already administered.

All the information was present and correct. I pressed the correct and corresponding medication into a galley pot, which, was the preferred method the service user used to self administer, however, the service user refused to take his medication, stating he was feeling unwell. I assessed the service users present state and it was visible that he was still agitated. I explained the importance of taking his medication to the service user and suggested to him that he could wait a while and that he may feel a little better.

I labelled the medication in the galley pot clearly with the service users name and the time due for administration. I then safely secured it with the services users other...
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