A Perfect Car for Students

Topics: Honda Civic, Automobile, Honda Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: March 7, 2007
Every college student knows the importance of owning a reliable car. A car that can fulfill students' transportation needs without draining their bank accounts. I, myself a student, have owned a ninety three Mazda MPV. Purchasing this car was the biggest mistake of my life. It broke down almost every week. I remember once when the engine overheated due to a leaking radiator. The car suddenly stopped in the middle of the road; it was very frustrating. I had to push the car back home! I have owned this car for a year. During this year, I ended up spending 3,000 dollars on repairs, 500 dollars more than what I have paid for it. I eventually ended up selling it for 1500 dollars. Buying my second car took me a long time. I did not want to make another mistake. I took my time to do some research. I was looking for an affordable, safe, economical, and most importantly reliable car. I decided to buy a Honda Civic. I am very happy with this car. Having had a terrible experience with my first car, I do not want a low budgeted student like me to go what I went through. Every student should own a Honda Civic. The Honda civic is one of the most reliable cars in the world. Hondas are known for their reliability; they have the best record. College students are the most in need of a car like this. Civics can last for fifteen years with ease. A proper maintained civic, will probably exceed that. My friend, who encouraged me in purchasing my Honda civic, owns a Honda civic with 200,000 miles. He is amazed at its reliability. The car barely needs any repairs. One can clearly notice the reliability of this vehicle by counting the number of old civics in the streets of Orange County. There are a lot! Owners would not want to keep these old Hondas if they are braking down and costing pricy repairs, would they? The competition envies the reliability record of these vehicles. In addition to their amazing reliability Honda civics are also very affordable. The starting price...
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