Gas .vs. Hybrid Persuasive Essay

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Electric vehicle, Plug-in hybrid Pages: 4 (1610 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Gasoline powered vehicles are better! No, hybrids are better! Have you heard these two points-of-view? This last election, the question of energy was a part of both party’s platforms. They talked about wind and solar versus coal and oil, and gasoline versus hybrid vehicles. So here we are, the election is over, but the battle between a gasoline powered vehicles versus a hybrid continues. You might know someone who owns a hybrid car. My uncle bought one in 2006 and for him it works great, but he usually just travels back and forth to work. However, my uncle’s needs are not the same as my dad who is a contractor. In the end, you need to weigh the pros and cons before deciding on which vehicle is best for you. After much research, it is my opinion that a gasoline powered car is better than a hybrid for these reasons: purchase and repair costs, towing and passenger/cargo capacity, and the cars impact on the environment.

First, when purchasing a vehicle a consumer should not only be concerned with the purchase price, but with the cost of repairs as well. The initial cost of gasoline powered cars is around 75% lower than a hybrid for these reasons: hybrids have very expensive batteries, a different engine design which complicates manufacturing, and they are basically mobile computers that make them difficult to repair without special training. Regardless of which type of vehicle you own, many people think that the initial cost of a vehicle is bad enough and then something bad happens. Repairs can cause your wallet to take another large hit. Simple moving parts are bad enough when a door handle breaks off, but what if one of the computer parts fails or your electrical system has a malfunction? This happens with both gasoline and hybrid cars, but repairing your hybrid means twice the amount of money. For example, the battery in a hybrid has a limited shelf life and when it does need to be replaced it can cost from $3,000 to $6,000, but you can buy a...
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