A. Old Nanotech

Topics: Nanotechnology, 1918, 1937 Pages: 2 (286 words) Published: May 21, 2008
Research Paper

Nanotechnology; Why use it and why not.

Thesis Statement

Nanotechnology has a wide range of advantages that promote medicine, industry, and social life, however it also does have disadvantages that include global monetary crisis, loss of jobs, and loss of value of oil, diamonds, etc.


I. What is nanotechnology?
A. Basics
1. Definition
2. What does "nano" really mean?
B. Elementary Concepts
1. A Better Perspective on size

II. Applications of Nanotechnology.
A. Old Nanotech vs. New Nanotech
1. Is Nanotech new to us?
2. New approach to nanotech.
B. Fields in which nanotech exists
1. Different fields of application

III. Where is nanotechnology found? (Advantages)
A. Real-life applications
1. Medical Applications
2. Industrial Applications
3. Social Applications

IV. Downside of Nanotechnology
A. Threats Nanotech may pose
1. Economic Threats
a. Monetary Crisis
b. Loss of jobs
2. Medical Dangers
a. Change in properties may pose threat to health. i. Inhalation of nanoparticles
ii. Entering through body pores

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