How Are Attitudes Developed and Fostered?

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How are Attitudes Developed and Fostered?
Taza Potter
Western International University
Social Psychology—BEH 311
Jonas Cavileer, Instructor
August 12, 2009

How are Attitudes Developed and Cultivated?
Attitudes are defined as “evaluation of various aspects of the social world” (Baron, Branscombe, & Byrne, 2008). The real question is how are they developed and cultivated? In this paper we are going to look into the social aspect of how attitudes come about, persuasion how it affects attitudes, how aggression affects attitudes, how moods form attitudes and affect them. As the definition above explains attitudes are developed through various aspects from when we are first born till the day we exist no more. Social Aspect

In my opinion the social aspect has a lot to do with how ones attitude is developed from the day they are born till the day they expire. When a baby is first born they already have an attitude although it is more of a natural instinct type of attitude but still an attitude. Babies cry when they are hungry, need changing, hurting, and even tired this type of behavior communicates to the parent something needs to be done and as they grow their attitude develops not so much by an instinct, but by their surrounding, their parents, other people, or even siblings. Have you ever noticed that you might behave or act like your mom or dad or even a sibling? Have you ever noticed your attitude might change when you hang around a group of friends? All these attributes are related to your social surroundings. According to an article written by O’shea and Kirrane they did a study about the transmission of work-related attitudes that is based on a social analysis. In this study the paper focused “on personal and social background factors as potential channels for the transmission of work related attitude in young adults” (2008). They examine their education, gender, education, parental, and job status and how those influence their attitudes and development. They used 782 undergraduate students who ere in different third level institutions throughout Ireland and the United States. They found that each person who grew up in a versatile family had more of a positive attitude versus single families towards being able to juggle work and home. They also found that families with fathers who have a higher level of education came out on top as a positive role in their careers and families. They found that because of their back grounds “young people have developed attitudes towards managing the work/family interface on entering the workforce, which they acquire though a social learning process” (2008) and there were limitations that concluded “the cross-sectional nature of the design and future longitudinal research is needed” (2008). In conclusion they felt attitudes develop certain attitudes that affect handling their work and families life to demonstrate a smooth transition for both. Social psychology is the development and is the behavior behind how attitudes come about socially. According to an article found in Facts on File (2009) an early experimentation was done in the 1930’s on different researches pertaining to attitudes to “clarify explanatory mechanisms hypothesized to underlie the behavior being studied” the purpose was to explain behaviors and foresee certain conditions that can or can not affect behavior. The results of this experiment led them to believe that attitudes can be modified and additional room made. They were able to conclude that social behavior can be controlled under controlled conditions. As one can see social behavior does affect ones attitude and can be changed or modified depending on each situation the individual grows up in and is around. Persuasion how it Affects Attitudes

How are attitudes affected by persuasion? To examine is to understand the definition. According to, Branscombe, & Byrne persuasion are “efforts to change others’ attitudes through the...
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