A New Chapter Begins: Ricardo's Career in Architecture

Topics: Marriage, Caribbean, Family Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: January 7, 2013
A New Chapter Begins
As he sat firmly against the wooden table, charcoal pencil in hand, Ricardo, an approved architect, was deeply absorbed in taught. In the calm morning, with the sky embellished with white fleecy clouds partially covering the fiery sun that shined so radiantly, Ricardo was deep in taught of a time in the past, a time filled with trials and tribulations that contributed so greatly to the astounding individual he became. Ricardo, a robust and statuesque character was once and individual who analyzed life very much differently than he did now. He lived in the reticent and modest village of Pasea, Trinidad. The house in which he lived was made of dirt and trashed pieces of wood. His parents divorced due to the formation of a violent relationship when he was at the young age of 10, not being able to understand what transpired. He lived with his mother, Anne for approximately five years, after which she died from falling down a flight of concrete stairs. Ricardo not only lost his family but his mother, at a young age where he so desperately needed both his parents. Ricardo began smoking as a way of dealing with everything he endured. It was his way of relieving the pain and distress. Every time he lit a matchstick for a cigarette, it represented the light at the end of the tunnel. However, his dismal nights and lonely days did not last very long. He soon worked night shifts at a grocery where he earned an income and met a petite, slim and exquisite girl, Jennifer, whom he eventually married and had twin boys with, Jaden and Aaron. A couple of weeks into her new marriage, Jennifer envisioned that she could never live happily ever after with Ricardo. His characteristics and personality altered. However, when Jennifer recognized that she did not genuinely love him, and wanted to dissolve their marriage, he became belligerent. Ricardo had finally found himself a family, a wife to come home to and two...
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