A Mother's Love: Essay

Topics: Emotion, English-language films, Feeling Pages: 2 (856 words) Published: November 27, 2011
My Mother’s Love
Every time when I sit on my roof I tend to stare at the sky and all of a sudden I start to think of the moment that has made the most impact on my life and that’s when my mom had the patience and taught me how to walk and the first word that came out of my mouth was mom. Most likely walking and talking was the only thing she taught me it but everything else I have learned I’ve done it on my own because she left me at a very young age. Some of my learning experiences have been very harsh since for me I learned to live on my own at a very young age but before my mom left me on my own, I remember that I would get a rap with a small ruler on the back of my hand for touching the electric cable that would hang from the electric iron and even though I wouldn’t hurt me I remember I would still burst out in tears. When this happened a few times, I would then never touch it since I knew that my mother would hit my hand and I did not want to be hit. I think all of these things that my mother did with me ended up in making up the personality and the identity that I have today. Another thing that I am now aware of which I am sure I was not previously aware of as a child are my strong emotions. Even though I remember being very angry and extremely happy at various occasions in my childhood, and I also remember expressing my feelings, I could hardly give them a name at the time. All I would know is that I was feeling upset, I would know why but I always denied it in front of people. But after growing up, and figuring out myself and who I really am, and getting to know many people who have approach my life I found that there are many different kinds of emotions and many different ways to experience and show them., and with many emotions that I have experience throughout my life memories come with them. Flashing back to the saddest Christmas I ever had in my entire life I received the most beautiful gifts from my mother, even thou she was far away in the other...
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