A New Perspective and All the Years of Her Life: Relationship between Mother and Child

Topics: Family, Causality, Character Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: May 9, 2013
The relationships displayed between mother and child in the stories, “A New Perspective” and “All the Years of Her Life” are closely similar and vastly different at the same time. The similarity is that the children in both of the stories have feelings of heartbreak and pity towards their mothers at the end of each of the stories, and the relationships they share with their mothers are problematic to say the least.

The mother in a new perspective did not pay attention to her child as much as she could have because of her condition, and this caused her child to dislike the treatment her mother gave her. Whereas in all the years of her life, the mother is disappointed and felt let down by her son because of his constant misbehaving, causing the mother and son to have a bad relationship. Though the main difference of the two stories is that in a new perspective it wasn’t the mother’s fault that she couldn’t spend time with her child because she was always laid up in bed and could physically not be there for her, though the daughter felt that there was things that she could’ve done. In all the years of her life it was the son’s fault that him and his mother had a bad relationship, because the son was misbehaving and causing the mother many hardships.

The authors of these stories show a character change near the end of each story as the character understands their mothers feelings and feels remorseful about it. In all the years of her life the author displays the main character Alfred seeing his mother shaken up by the events of the night and he reflects on the fact that he has put his mother through so much in her life. In a new perspective the author states that she had been cheated herself by her mother though near the end of story she realizes that her mother herself have been cheated from parenting her now being a parent herself.

These stories are good to compare and contrast because they show that not only do mothers and their children have bad...
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