A Message to Garcia: Book Review

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Name: Fullerton, Brandon M.Grade: E-3Date: 20130224Section: MT/UT Book Title: A Message to GarciaAuthor: Elbert Hubbard
Why I Chose This Book: I Chose “A Message to Garcia” because Cpl Reeser recommended it to be a good book about leadership and how not just a Marine but an individual should act.

Give A Brief Description About The Book: The Author behind this book wanted people to understand what it really means to be independent and to be a great leader. In this book he gives a perfect example of both these characteristics.

Tactical Lessons Learned From This Book: The tactical lesson I learned from this book is that if you are given a task then you should do your best to accomplish it without have to ask so many questions. You should be able to learn how to accomplish a task on your own without having to rely on others because you never know when you might not have anyone to rely on.

Leadership Lessons Learned From This Book: A leadership lesson I learned from this is book is to be able to make sound and timely decisions to get the mission done. To make sure that the mission is understood, supervised, and accomplished.

How Can The Lesson Learned From This Book Today: The lesson of leadership and independence can easily be used in everything you do on a day to day bases especially as a Marine. Every day you are assigned multiple tasks to do and being able to accomplish these tasks on your own will begin to get you recognition from your superiors. You will also use leadership if you are giving a task to supervise and make sure it gets done correctly by ensuring your fellow Marines know what the mission is and how to accomplish it.

I Would or Would Not Recommend This Book: I would recommend this book for everyone. Although it is a very short book it has a big lesson that can be learned from it.
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