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PFC Ramirez, JoelA Message to Garcia Book Report03/22/12

A Message to Garcia is an inspirational, motivating essay written by Elbert Hubbard in 1889. Elbert Hubbard was a writer, editor, and artist. This inspiring essay was wildly popular, selling over 40 million copies. This essay was so outstanding that it was translated into 37 different languages. From all around the American business culture up until the 20th century, Elbert Hubbard’s essay was well known and widely spoken about.

A Message to Garcia narrates the motives and competitive nature of an employee by the name of Rowan. His order is to deliver a message to General Garcia. This strong-minded employee is cooperative, independent, organized, responsible and so on. He is very dependable and is outstanding at doing his job. He’s an employee who never needs to be monitored. He has a drive, and determination to get the job done as quick and as precise as possible. He never fears getting fired due to the fact that he has such great confidence in himself and at what he does. He can be trusted to do anything from the most simplest task to missions considered way to complicated for the average man.

All these great statistics is why the President gave him the mission to carry out a message to General Garcia. The President knew he had the heart, and determination to get the task done with ease and perfection, with no setbacks. When given the task, Rowan did not ask any questions, or give any excuses not to do the mission that was assigned to him. Normally, an average man would ask a question to delay the task. For example, an ordinary person would say ‘‘How would I take it there?” or “Who is Garcia and what are the risks?”. Rowan did the exact opposite of that. He boldly accepted the task without any questions or regrets. He used his own means and ideas to make sure the mission was done.

People always say that the employers are the one abuse the employee and feel sympathetic for the worker. But...
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