A Love in La and Good Man Hard to Find

Topics: Flannery O'Connor, Short story, Love Pages: 3 (1260 words) Published: February 26, 2013
I observe only one similarity in both stories, which they were on a road and crash cars, this is an only similarity in those two stories which I can think of it. I did not notice any of the characters of both stories in the sense of similarity. But the jack and grandmother were kind of same sense of selfness. The both character think only for them self and want all the intension towards them. Love in L.A, a story of the person whose name is jack and seems like he is very lazy and disappointed from his lifestyle, wants to get some change in his lifestyle. One day jack was driving on a free way in los Angeles, suddenly he hit a car from back side and being a nice guy that he pulled over, he don’t want to but he did for a reason to have a chat with another driver because he found out that the driver of other car is a beautiful girl name “Mariana”, which he hit it from his old Buick. “A good man is hard to find” a story of a lady whose character mention as a “grandmother”, the whole story is based on grandmother mind set and the killer “misfit”, who escape from prison with his inmates friends. The family of grandmother made a vacation trip to Florida, but turns out grandmother wants to go to Tennessee, to change the trip for family from Florida to Tennessee, she read a article and show his son, there is some criminal offender escaped from prison, and its not safe to go to Florida this time because the character Misfit was heading to same direction. The grandmother wants to go to Tennessee, that’s what she was saying and has intension in whole trip; she also called herself a “Lady”. Bailey, a resident of Atlanta, he crashed their car on a trip to Florida when he gives into the grandmothers wishes to visit an old plantation. John and June star they were self centered children. Their behavior results from a lack of parental discipline. The misfit Dangerous, escaped from prisoner who comes across bailey and his family on a dirt road after they have crashed. He is having...
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