Love in La

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Love in L.A.

The story “Love in L.A.” is a short story written by Dagoberto Gilb in 1986. It is a love story based on realistic approaches. One of the main characters was Jake, who was dreaming while driving. However, this caused an accident; he crashed into a Toyota that was in front of him. Mariana, who was the other main character in “Love in L.A.” short story, was the driver of the Toyota. After crashing the car, instead of finding out what had happened to the driver of the car Jack was looking at his car to realize if everything is good with it. Once he saw that the Toyota’s driver was a pretty woman started flirting with her; he was trying to get out of the situation in this way. However, when he realized that the plan didn’t work he gave Mariana false information about his car’s insurance, and even about his driver license. The story shows us the life’s eternity (progress of life) life's eternity life's eternity, the selfishness of people, and the naive of girls.

We are living in a life where no one can see the end of it. We are breathing without even knowing what will happen to us a minute later. Life is like a road. Sometimes it seems that it’s an endless journey that we have to go through. From time to time we crash with different circumstances in our lives which make us slow down. But, it just happens once in a while because life flows (runs) so fast that nothing can stop it; the only choice that we have is to follow it. Each one of us chooses how to live through this difficult, busy, and for some people senseless life. One of the main characters Jack, decided to live his life without giving to it any meaning. He didn’t strive to acquire something; he was just dreaming without doing anything to fulfill his daydreams. “New” Critics would say that looking at this story they see that Jack can go through the road, but he chose the freeway which symbolizes the life’s progress. Either in life or in freeway if you are not paying attention, or you...
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