A Horse and Two Goat Literary Criticism

Topics: Sociology, Poverty, Culture Pages: 4 (1336 words) Published: April 3, 2012
A Horse and Two Goats is a short story written by R.K. Narayan, one of the most prominent Indian authors writing in English in the twentieth century. Taking place in a small village called Kritam, this short story revolves around Muni, an old poor man without education from a low caste in the Indian society. A Horse and Two Goats is divided into two parts, the first part where Muni and his wife’s life are being explored and the second part where the comic scene between Muni and an American takes place. There are two literary theories applied in this short story, the gender theory focusing on feminism and also the social theory which focuses on the social status and conflicts in two different languages and values between two societies.

Feminism theory in gender criticism focuses on sexual difference and sexual politics. Women need to consider what it meant to be a woman, to consider how much of what society has often inherently deemed female traits. More than often, women have been always perceived as inferior to men and that men are more powerful and capable as compared to women. In the A Horse and Two Goats short story however, the wife has more control over the husband. According to Muni, “he had trashed her only a few times in their career, and later she had the upper hand”. This indicates that even though in the beginning Muni behaves like most men where they are being condescending toward the women, but eventually later the wife has more power in that marriage and Muni has to listen to her. This is very apparent when the wife warns Muni not to go back before the sun is down and Muni’s reaction is, “he knew that if he obeyed her she would somehow conjure up some food for him in the evening. Only he must be careful not to argue and irritate her.” In this short story as well, the wife plays more role as the breadwinner, provider and supporter of the family as stated in the textual evidences “she was sure to go out and work – grind corn in the Big House,...
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