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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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Eliza Lo
AP World
Period 2
2 Apr. 2012
The Weaker Sex
Through out much of history, women have been viewed as the “weaker sex”; women have been seen as less capable physically, socially, intelligently, economically and even religiously. Because of the cruel view that society has on them, women could only perform domestic tasks at home and as such remain obedient to the men their families. During 1450 to 1950, women in various societies around the world were viewed as the “weaker sex” as they are submissive under men’s control in marriage, constrained with an inferior identity, and limited in their daily social activities. During this time period many women were determined to be submissive to their husbands in marriage—their whole lives were depended on their husbands. Women were even seen as economically inferior to their husbands as the Legal Code of the Qing dynasty from China legislates. It mandates that all of a woman’s dowry should belong to her husband’s family, suggesting that in this Chinese society a women’s entire life, all the way down to her personal belongings are wrapped up in her husband. (5) Usman dan Fodio, a member of the Muslim Sufi brotherhood whose conservative religious thoughts indicate women’s inferiority to men, locates the responsibility of teaching women the truth of God in men; in doing so, he infers that women lack the intellectual ability to understand their own religion. (7) Moving forward in history, Simone de Beauvoir, the leader of New Feminist movement during the 20th century offers a vivid portrait of women having no authority of their own lives as “man is her whole existence”. She uses her language to evoke sadness and sympathy from pointing out the unjust reality to her readers. (9) The absolute superiority that males demonstrate through marriage give them control of women in all aspects of life therefore viewing them as the “weaker sex”. This cultural phenomenon has been continued through present day’s families as...
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