A Holiday from Hell

Topics: Eye, Color, Fishing Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: May 2, 2013
A Holiday from Hell
This holiday is no ordinary holiday; it was a holiday from hell. So let me tell you about these dreadful few weeks. I was on a nice peaceful holiday by myself, going fishing every morning whilst drinking Crown Lager. Then I came across a fish. It looked like some sort of three eyed creature. Now this three eyed creature was so unusual. It looked like the one you often see in the Simpsons but instead the colour was white. Just white, no other colours except white.

So I went home and tried to forget about the fish; but the more I tried to forget, the more I remembered. The next day, a fisherman came to my doorstep and tried to sell me some fish. I said okay for this was normal for a fisherman to come to your doorstep to sell fish. He brought he fish out of his car and then that was the time I realised that he only had one fish. As he walked closer it came to my attention that it was that white three-eyed fish. I paid the fisherman fifteen dollars and carried the fish into the room. The question going through my mind was “How am I meant to get rid of this fish?” the obvious answer would be to eat it or throw it away but I don’t know if it’s poisonous and it might somehow come back to me. So out came this brilliant idea. I started to chop the fish and put it into my neighbours’ mailbox.

The next day I woke up for my usual fishing trip and I found it unusually silent. So after I fished, I went around to some neighbours’ houses I found them lying on the ground, dead I presume. Then I realised the fish was poisonous. Well, at least I got rid of the fish.
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