A Historical Comparison on Two Documents

Topics: British Empire, American Revolutionary War, American Revolution Pages: 4 (1026 words) Published: October 29, 2012
History Comparative Essay

In the year of 1775, tension between Britain and North America rose significantly,

especially with the suppressing acts and the beginning battles of the revolution leading up to the rebellion. This created many clashing point of views such as the loyalist, who sought the reconciliation with the mother country, and the patriots, which supported the fight for their independence. Both these views are argued in the documents Daniel Leonard Deplores Rebellion (1775) and Patrick Henry Demands Boldness (1775), however the points made in Henry’s speech affected the minds of the majority and led to the American Revolution.


During this crucial year, many loyalist, such as Daniel Leonard, felt we were

fighting a lost cause and that the war was over before it had begun. Daniel Leonard expresses these points and more in his appeal to his countrymen (Daniel Leonard Deplores Rebellion), in which he points out how we, the colonies, are at a disadvantage going up against well-armed Britain. Leonard first addresses the overwhelming military experience that the british officers and soldiers have over the colonial militia. With this reference to the “militia unused to service, impatient of command, and destitute of resources” (Leonard) he makes the colonial force seem very small in the huge shadow of the highly talented and decorated officers and soldiers of the british army. He also reminds the colonist that if, by any small chance, they defeat the large number of british troops in Boston, they would still have to deal with the coastal reinforcements. Through the demoralization of the colonial army, he alludes to the un-unified quality of the thirteen colonies when he says “Can your officers depend upon the privates, or the privates upon the officers”. This also is a reference to the suspicion that the colonies

had amongst themselves, which adds to the disadvantages of the colonies. This appeal was meant for everyone to hear and to analyze the...
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