A Great Change

Topics: Constitutional monarchy, Democracy, Glorious Revolution Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: May 9, 2013
A Great Change

The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall. [Che Guevara] The French Revolution and the Glorious Revolution of Britain were both revolutions of the people. There were many achievements from both revolutions. But comparing the two, The French Revolution was more radical than the Glorious Revolution of Great Britain.

In Britain they limited the king’s power by creating a constitutional monarchy by the end of the revolution. The Glorious Revolution was one of the first times an overthrow of a government required no blood to be shed. Also, it helped to issue in the Bill of Rights, which redefined the relationship between the monarch and the subjects. It guaranteed the freedom of speech, the freedom of elections, parliamentary approval of taxation and the right to petition. In the Bill of Rights it talks about Parliament’s freedom of speech and debate. The Parliament also made it so the king cannot make or suspend any laws without the Parliament. It dismissed cruel and unusual punishment, standing armies and the monarch's ability to suspend law whenever he or she pleased. This shows the increase of power within the Parliament. Another goal achieved was that they wanted a protestant not a catholic ruler. In the Bill of Rights it states that Protestants have the right to bear arms for defense. Parliament must be held frequently and the Parliament has the rights to correct and strengthen laws. There was wide spread unity amongst the leaders of this revolution which made it easy to overthrow the dictator. In the end, Britain ended up gaining a Protestant king, King William. It marked a breakthrough, in which practical power shifted from the monarchy to the Parliament. Parliament gained a power from the revolution that was never effectively tested again.

In France they wanted a democracy. They also wanted an end to absolute monarchy. In the end this failed for them because after it all ended, they were left...
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