Two of the Greatest Revolutions in History

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Two of the greatest revolutions in history were the, American Revolution and the French Revolution. The American Revolution was a big turning point in American History, and the French Revolution was a major event that impacted the history of the world. The American Revolution was the struggle to get liberty and independence from Great Britain. The French Revolution was fought to overthrow the oppressive government, they wanted justice and to be treated equally. Both revolutions have many similarities, which include unfair treatment by their government and a series of riots.

Before the American Revolution England went to war with France. This war put England in a huge debt. The British parliament came up with the idea to raise taxes to pay off the debt. They didn’t want to anger the locals so they decided to tax the colonists across the sea. The parliament passed a series of laws, which included the Stamp Act, Townshend Acts, and the Tea Act. These laws were the root cause of the revolutionary war. After the Boston Tea Party the parliament grew angry and put the government of Massachusetts under military control. After passing the Coercive act the colonist were more determined to fight back. After all the violence has ended congress issued the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

The French society was divided into three groups, First Estate which was the clergy’s, Second Estate which were the Nobilities, and the Third Estate which was the rest of the population. The First and Second Estate had special privileges; they did not have to pay taxes. The third Estate worked hard and had to pay all the taxes. France went into bankruptcy because Louis XIV had spent too much money. Louis XIV called the Estates General to solve the financial difficulties but the Third Estate did not agree with the unfair system. People got angry and Bastille went into chaos. There were riots and violence everywhere. The Mob captured the king and he was executed on January 21,...
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