A Good Life

Topics: Education, School, Learning Pages: 8 (2823 words) Published: May 16, 2013
A good life is one that is rewarding and satisfying. It is also one that is alive to the rewards and satisfactions of others. It is good in the emotional sense, that it is colored by happy moods and feelings of satisfaction, and in the moral sense, that it is true to one’s understanding of right and wrong. In a well-lived life, the interests of others will often limit the pursuit of personal rewards and satisfactions. But engaging with the interests of others will more often lead to deeper, richer rewards and satisfactions. The most familiar example is raising children, which requires parents to devote a great deal of time and effort that they might otherwise spend on themselves, but provides them with rewards and satisfactions that are immeasurably richer and deeper in the long run. Relationships of all kinds – among friends, colleagues, neighbors or acquaintances – are based on exchanges in which people do things for each other. As their relationships grow, they co-operate more readily and extensively, achieving far more than they could on their own. The Good Life for All is founded on the understanding that involvement with others makes everybody better off. The good life means different things to different people, and life is enriched by the variety of ways in which people lead it. A world in which all could live a good life would be a world that allowed people to live their lives in many different ways. However people seek to live their lives, though, a good life for all requires certain basic conditions. People need: * to live in peace and at ease with those around them: to live without fear of war or personal violence, and to feel that the people they encounter will not seek to harm or exploit them * to enjoy good health, and when that is not possible, to be assured of care for ill-health * the material necessities of life, such as food and housing, and to live without fear of losing them * sufficient income to be able to take part in the social and cultural life that surrounds them * education in childhood, and opportunities to continue learning throughout life, formally or otherwise * access to information; freedom to explore knowledge and ideas * freedom to live according to the moral values they have chosen or accepted, except where these cause harm to others * a way of life that is environmentally sustainable and therefore protects the interests of future generations – ‘the good life for all’ includes people yet unborn as well as everybody who is currently alive. The school plays a very important role in nurturing and socializing children to attain a good life in society. It further develops a child’s skills and knowledge which he/she has learnt from the family and the society. It enables the child to be successful in life in terms of having a good job and raising the standard of living. My school journey began in the year 1993 in Annesley infant school in Suva. I was a very shy student in school fearing if any of my responses would provoke the teachers to punish me. The school environment was very different to the environment at home in terms of culture, beliefs and attitude. However parents were also required to participate in school for the well being of the child. When I entered the secondary school I felt like a fish being placed from a small pond into a lake, and this process to be done with a long list of rules. There were a lot of changes experienced as students used to sit in the class and teachers would move around coming to classes unlike in primary education there was only one teacher allocated to the class. The subject teachers used to be very punctual and tactful in their teaching methods. Lessons became more student centered rather than teacher centered, learning was either in delivery or discovery method. The years spent in secondary school was mostly based on fear (fear of failing external exams) thus each year’s learning experiences were mostly based on the fact that...
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