A Freedom Compromised

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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A Freedom Compromised
Most people desire freedom, whether it be freedom of choice, freedom of movement, or freedom of speech. Occasionally, however, freedom is jeopardized. For a high school student, freedom of movement is usually restricted by parental curfews, and as a high school student myself, I have been constrained by curfews on numerous occasions.

I am an introvert who would rather stay at home over the weekends watching movies than actively socializing with people. However, I do have my occasional late-night outings during the holidays. My diversion always tends to stay unhampered with until I am reminded of my curfew by a phone call from my parents, demanding me to return home. Being the stubborn and reluctant child, I always cause a quarrel with them, leaving both sides disgruntled. These situations are rather ironic because my parents are the ones who tend to encourage me to spend my leisure time socializing outside. However, when I do heed their advice, they take their words back at will and seize the freedom of movement that they have given me. In fact, their words of encouragement turn out to be counterproductive because, on almost all occasions, my curfews have compromised my freedom of movement by ending my social outings on ill and untimely terms.

Despite my resentment towards this seemingly inextricable parental curfew, I have failed to take any actions in counteracting it. After all, they are my parents, and it is a common etiquette to obey them. Thus, on almost all occasions, I have arrived home before my curfew. On almost all occasions, I have succumbed to the chains they have set that are designed to bind me. Thoreau would have hated to see me suffer in the confinements of my own home when I should be spending my time in social outings. However, it is then I realize that I have been conforming to unwarranted rules set by my parents. I can conjure up the image of Thoreau sighing in disappointment as he witnesses this tragic nonevent...