Persuasive Essay: Later Curfew

Topics: Logic, Need, 2008 singles Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: September 18, 2012
Amanda Russell
American Studies

Persuasive Argument
I am writing this essay to try and persuade my parents to let me have a later curfew. I believe that if a kid starts to show that they are responsible enough with certain things, then I also believe that that kid should have a little more freedom. Every kid has a curfew, but the argument is always going to be how late it should be.

First off I’m going to start by saying why I personally want a later curfew. I want a later curfew, because my friends stay out later than I do. I am getting older and do need more freedom. I don’t like being left out from all sorts of cool shin digs that my friends attend, because they have hip parents that let them stay out late. Also, the main reason would be that I don’t want to become a socially deprived teenager.

Secondly I’m going to state all the logical reasons why I should have a later curfew. I am indeed the oldest child, so therefore I should get a little more than my other sibling. I’m turning 17 this year, which means I’ll be 18 next year (legally an adult). So that probably means I should start being let off the leash a tad bit more. I work and make a living, which should count for something. Also I get good grades, which should count for an even bigger something.

Lastly I’m going to state the ethical reasons why I should have a later curfew. I’m turning 18 next year, like I said before. So by then I can make pretty much all my decisions on my own. So I mine as well get some practice of bending the rules a little bit more. I make money, so I could pay for any cost that might come with this extended curfew. Plus, it’s not like I’m going to go out breaking the law or anything with this new curfew. Everyone knows that I just want to basically go to concerts, and hang out with my friends. That sums about every reason I can think of. Thank you for your time.
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