A Feasibilty Study of Putting Up a Boneless Bangus Industry

Topics: Bread, Flour, Balance sheet Pages: 39 (10401 words) Published: November 10, 2010
A. Proposed business
A.1 Name of the Business

In this study the researcher choose to put-up a “Bakeshop”. Putting up a bakeshop is the most viable enterprise to go during thesis times of crisis. The business of food is very strong to this day because people utilize these services almost always. As for food, everyone has to eat! The food business is said to be the most suitable even if the prices have gone up fast food chains never chains never lose customers. Even if there are many competitors, the business never fails.

The bakeshop will be selling bread and other baked products which could give satisfaction to the customers.

A.2 Nature of the Business

The proposed bakeshop will hire workers and an experienced baker or someone who can bake. The bread are being display in a tray so customer were satisfied in choosing the breads they want. The space of the bakery is comfortable enough both for the workers and the customers. There’s a table and chairs outside so customers can have a place for snacks. The place is accessible enough for target market. The researcher ensure that this bakery has a good quality and high standards in terms of bread and other baked products. The raw materials needed are readily available in a Public, Market where bakeshop is located A2.1 List of Bread to be produce

Non-Sweet Bread Sweet Bread
Slice BreadBahug- bahug
Spanish breadBagong bayan
BelgiumSweet roll

A3. Uses of the Product

Breads are popular substitute of rice in our society today. It provides breakfast in the morning and merienda in the afternoon; some even eat midnight snacks. People will be worry free from hunger in case they hane no food to eat. Bread can serve as their snack food.

A4. Consumers of the Business
Every household are the major consumers of the business. Bread serve as their snack foods especially even if they have nothing to eat.

A5. Geographical areas of Dispersion
It would be best to establish the bakery along the road near an intersection, but not so close to traffic. Access to customers and ingredients is the main consideration. Good areas would be near universities, schools, near market palce, mainly in metropolitan areas.

The location of the proposed business is in Isabel, Public Market where a lot of people are present. Although more competitors can be found there, but still such business will never fails since food is a thing no one can live without.

B. Nature and Extent of the market
The target market is identified using benefit segmentation, grouping its consumers into on the basis of their reasons for using the product. Target market refers to one or more household of potential consumers in which the propose product must concentrate its effort to center and focus in marketing program. The propose product wish to penetrate the seven (7) barangays of Isabel. The name of barangays and number of households are listed below:

Name of Barangay No. of Household
Sto. Nino Lawis616
Sto. Nino Hi-way379
Marvel Tulay248
Sto. Rosario172
Sta. Cruz305
San Roque313
Total = 2,414

Sloven Formula:
N = N
1+ Ne^2

Sample Proportion (%) = n
= 343
= 0.14%

No. Of Household| %| Sample|
616| 0.14| 86|
379| 0.14| 53|
248| 0.14|...
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