A Discussion of Control Infection in Healthcare

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Control infections have become more high profile than ever before and have seen the prevention and control during the early years of the twenty-first century. Infection is incontrollable and inevitably devastating, it is a painful fact of life, which is the cause of enormous health problems and the chief cause of death. Infection control is essential in all general care settings in which patients receive health and social care and this will protect the healthcare workers, patients and visitor from hazards and risks. This research concentrates predominantly on infection control in healthcare settings, including the policy of infection prevention related to health and safety policy in the UK for both hospitals and communities under Hygiene Code of Practice in 2006 and the policies and procedures through the prevention and control, which are related to the guidance of infection under the Health and Social Care Act 2008, in order minimise the prevalence of infection and to protect the health and safety of both healthcare workers and patient (Department of Health, 2006). In addition, this research contains several issues of risk of spreading infections in healthcare environment and the facilities. Moreover, this research will not disclose or breach any sensitive and confidential information under the Confidentiality Act 2008 (NMC, 2008).

Searching the literature

A methodical search was conducted using the following systematic which is applicable to the databases, including Medline, CINAHL and PubMed which were searched by using the words “control infection’ cross-referenced with “hospital” with 36,000 data results. In addition, several databases were used to compare the changes of ratio from 2002 to 2012. However, several results were not included due to lack of evidence and being non-published. In addition, the university library website was used in order to collect adequate information related to infection by setting on engine the words infection control cross-referenced statistic”, which gives the hits of 1300 journals and research articles. The articles were considered eligible if reviewed by a reliable publisher, including Oxford journal and BJI. These journals and research articles were reported as an original research, in which a researcher examined the relationship between the public and the health care setting and these used to review the previous report to collect the updated data. However, more than 50 data were excluded due to inadequate evidence and lack of information related to infection control. Moreover, the majority research was conducted under eligible originations where successfully collected all the relevant data which related to infection control, including Parliamentary, Department of Health, Health Protection Agency and National Audit Office. These organisations were used to identify and review the implication between the statistics of infection and health providers, such as the infection control professionals. These databases were developed to standardise the protocols for classification and identification of infection prevalence, which have been widely adopted for researchers throughout the world. In addition, this research used altered books to provide information and evidence in order to support the data that have been undertaken from different publisher. The Royal Marsden Hospital Manual Clinical Nursing Procedures (2011) and Infection Prevention Control (2007), books contained information regarding the principles of infection control.

Main Body

Florence Nightingale is perhaps the first nurse on record to acknowledge the importance of infection control and she initiated the infection control protocols through gathering information and demonstrates the reduction of mortality of infection (Perry 2007). Florence Nightingale noted that during the Crimean War more patients were dying from infections than from certain injuries. However, Quan (2006) stated that, Florence...
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