A Different Perspective

Topics: Renaissance, Florence, Filippo Brunelleschi Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: March 23, 2013
A Different Perspective By: Alex Romero
The classic illusion that transcended most artistic techniques that came before it was linear perspective. It was an innovative concept that gradually crept into many Renaissance art pieces and changed the way art of that time was viewed. With artists such as Brunelleschi and Donatello adopting it and using it in their pieces, the movement that linear perspective was creating gained momentum and took off with it as one of the most significant characteristics of Northern Renaissance art. The discovery and application of linear perspective gave Renaissance art the feeling of unity and reality as well as making linear perspective transferable to all forms of art.

It is well known that linear perspective changed art in countless ways, but what is not as well known is where or from whom the idea originated. In the Renaissance many painters needed to translate the three- dimensional things that they saw in the world to two- dimensional pieces of artwork; and linear perspective was the solution. The architect Filippo Brunelleschi is attributed to the discovery of perspective and explained a system of how items appear smaller according to the distance away from the eye. Brunelleschi unknowingly created one of the first windows to modern technological advances in art; and this specific advancement literally changed the way art will be viewed forever. Leon Battista Alberti continued this idea that is now called linear perspective with a new found concept. His concept was not to glorify god with his works, which was done in the middle ages, but to relate to the person viewing the artwork. This notion catapulted renaissance art to the next level and was a surprisingly astounding tool for many artists to come.

With all of the artists of the time trying to pleasure the viewer’s eye with connections to the...
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