Formal Analysis of Art Summary

Topics: Las Meninas, Diego Velázquez, Museo del Prado Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Assignment: Formal Analysis of Art Summary
There are various formal qualities about the painting Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez that make it very interesting to view. For example, I have observed the above listed painting through conducting a formal analysis of it, and have concluded with the following observations and interpretations of my understandings. The artist has portrayed an image of girls in the midst as if waiting to attend the wedding. Second, the artist reflects within the painting background an image of an artist working on a painting, while a mirrored image on the very back wall depicts what appears to be the King and Queen. These formal qualities used by Diego Velazquez create many illusionistic effects, just as that of the mirror used to attract the viewer’s visibility; rather it also portrays reflections of images that reside outside the view. In addition, the artist here has used three primary focal-points including self-portrait, half-length, and reflected mirrored images. However, the dimensions and depth of the painting have been obscured this has been accomplished through the use of various layers, shapes, colors, and tones that tend to overlap for outstanding effects. The formal qualities of Nighthawks by Edward Hopper are also very interesting yet, much more simple and to the point than that of Las Menias. For example, after observing through formal analysis I have concluded with the following observations of my understandings. In this particular painting the artist has portrayed a café full of people, while within the background stand buildings. The artist has accomplished many effects through the use of vibrant and rich colors, which in addition attract the viewer’s attention toward the people. The use of this vibrant color as well as the combined apparent depth the artist has accomplished a clean yet, very well structured and organized setting effect. Furthermore, the vibrant and bright contrast effect of the café, in addition to...
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