A Description of Vane Shear Test

Topics: Soil mechanics, Shear strength, Experiment Pages: 3 (679 words) Published: October 7, 2012
De La Salle University Manila
Gokongwei College of Engineering
Civil Engineering Department

Experiment No. 1
Vane Shear Test in Cohesive Soil

Submitted by:
Dela Peña, Analyn A.

Submitted to:
Engr. Irene Ubay

Submitted on:
October 8, 2012
I. Introduction

Vane shear test is used to measure the shear strength of a soil. It also estimated and measured the fully saturated clay’s undrained shear strength without derangement in the specimen. This test can be conducted in field and laboratory however, in laboratory can only execute the experiment with low shear strength (0.3 kg/cm2) for which unconfined test cannot be performed. The test apparatus are composed of 3 different diameters of 4-blade stainless vane that is attached in a steel rod that pushed vertically in the soil. The pocket value that can get in small vane should multiply by two however, the value can get in large vane should divide by two and the value that can get in medium vane is as it is. The test is performed by pushing the vane vertically in the soil and rotated it clockwise from the surface to determine the torsional force. The soil will resist the rotation of the vane and its resistance is the force of soil that causes the cylindrical area to be sheared by the vane. When the rotation of the vane is continues it means that the soil fails in shear and it is normal that the rotation is continued after measuring the shear strength.

II. Data

| 2| | 0.20| | 0.40|
| 3| | 0.20| | 0.40|
MEDIUM| 1| 20| 0.60| 1| 0.6|
| 2| | 0.50| | 0.5|
| 3| | 0.60| | 0.6|
LARGE| 1| 25.4| 0.90| 0.5| 4.5|
| 2| | 1.50| | 7.5|
| 3| | 1.30| | 6.5|

CONTAINER| MASS (g)| MASS + WET SOIL (g)| MASS + DRY SOIL (g)| MOISTURE CONTENT (g)| 1| 27.45| 36.03| 32.72|...
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