A Description of Anthropocene

Topics: Human, Earth, Atmosphere Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: February 4, 2013

Anthropence is a term that scientists have recently been using in reference to the era that we are currently living in, due to the massive affect that humans have had upon it. I believe that there are several key factors that make this term significant for this time period. Ever since the industrial revolution, discoveries have continued to develop the tools that humans have to grow. Since population has grown to such heights, the Human species now has more power than ever. Various cultures and ethnicities are spread across every corner of the globe. As one of the only species covering such a large percentage of the planet, we are therefore In charge of it. Mass communication also allows us to communicate and organize amongst ourselves. Internet alone has contributed greatly to our power, as ideas, knowledge and history can be accessed by almost anyone. Having so much information available at ones fingertips empowers. Ideas can be shared and modified, trends can be seen and information is recorded. Besides the large population and communication resources that humans on earth currently have, they also benefit from a successful education and research system. Education across the world has grown into a system in which children and adults alike are able to learn about anything they desire. Universities and secondary forms of education have provided the base for individuals to proceed to conquer great things. Public and private research outside of education institutions has allowed for countless technological advances. With so much technology, the world is truly ours. Advances in chemistry and biology have led to a greater understanding in our planet. This is why the era of massive population, communication, education and technology truly make this the era of the human, or anthropence. Humans have the capability to control cycles in the atmosphere, which in turn affects the temperature within our atmosphere. Electricity and fossil fuels power...
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