Big Bang and Utopia

Topics: Big Bang, Religion, Politics Pages: 2 (327 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Design your own Utopia

Utopia: “A place, state or condition that is ideally perfect in respect of laws, customs, politics and conditions.”

1. What are the key characteristics/quantities of this utopia? 2. Who will benefit from this utopia?
3. Who will be included? Who will be excluded?
4. What will residents have to give up in order to belong to your utopia? 5. What are the disadvantages of this utopia?
6. What laws will be non-negotiable to ensure the success of your utopia? 7. What will happen to the ‘residents’ who choose?

This utopia will be the antithesis (opposite) of the dystopia you created last night.

* Think of freedoms that you have now that you’d like to keep/develop further.


Education: People are taught *how* to think rather than *what* to think, and everyone gets educated.

Truth: All people know the truth of how we evolved. It has come to decision that we evolved from the Big Bang.

Technology: We live in a technologically advanced, resource-based society, which responsibly utilizes the earth's resources and limits itself accordingly. Technology is greatly relied on and is not hard nor expensive to get.

Society: We would live in small communities. Globalization would be seen as the train wreck it is.

Religion: No religion as we know it - spiritual/metaphysical pursuits would essentially be individual, and based upon actual experience. We would go with what works and leave the rest behind.

Food: No GMOs, organic (aka "normal") farming practices. No mega-corporations controlling seed production and ownership (e.g. Monsanto).

Health: Holistic practices combined with actual science. No pharmaceutical/medical association orthodoxy/profit-based medicine. ("Actual science" can include some pharmaceuticals, surgery, and so on, but is a far cry from common practices in the U.S. today.)

Government: As little as possible. Government to enable only - not to...
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