A Date from Hell-Process Analysis

Topics: Want, Need, Man Pages: 3 (1212 words) Published: October 15, 2011
Lauren Johnson
Process Analysis
A Date from Hell
There are a lot of women out there who have no idea what to do when they are on a date. It is surprising at the amount of women in this world who have mastered the art of driving their dates away. Although this may be an unconscious and unwanted result, it is an extremely common occurrence in today’s dating world. So, for all the single ladies out there who have been on numerous dates and don’t know what you’re doing wrong, then avoid these mistakes. Or, if you are simply trying to make a terrible impression on a date that you really just don't want to be on, then pay attention and follow this advice. The first step in every dating scenario is what happens before the date. In preparation for your date there are a lot of things that women need to take into consideration if they really want to make an impression that lasts. Something that most women overlook when preparing for a date is the power of their own scent. There are a lot of fragrances out there that will really drive guys crazy, so don’t be afraid to pour on some extra perfume, maybe even ask your grandma if you can borrow that particularly musty bottle that she uses every day. Another pre-date tip that women often forget the importance of is picking the location of your date. Make sure to pick a venue that is classy and also pricey. There is no reason to go on a cheap date because men absolutely love to treat their women to an expensive and delicious meal. Don’t think for a second that chivalry is dead, or that you should go Dutch on the meal, because men love burning a hole in their wallets and showing women how wealthy they are. Choosing the right outfit for your date is also an extremely crucial element in pre-dating tactics. You may have heard the phrase “dressing to impress”, and in this case this phrase means to really knock your man off his feet. Don’t be afraid to show some skin and wear tight fitted clothing, because doing so will really get...
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