A Crude Awakening Paper

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  • Published : November 16, 2012
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A Crude Awakening – The Oil Crash (2006)
Directed by: Basil Gelpke, Raymond McCormack, Reto Caduff
The documentary, “A Crude Awakening”, is about the dwindling oil supply around the world. There are multiple experts in the film discussing the issue and why it’s such a major problem. It showcases success and failure within the oil industry, in the past, present and future. It also shines a light on how dependent on oil the world is. The main point of the film is to show the level of disarray our world will be in if the oil supply is one day depleted. This film related to science and society in a few ways. The main way the film did this was bringing to light our society’s level of dependence on oil. We don’t only use oil for cars, we use it for machinery, plastics, fabrics, etc. It’s used in basically every aspect of our daily lives. We are especially dependent on oil for our transportation systems, whether we live in a city dependent on public transportation, or living in the suburbs and having to commute various miles in and out the city each day. Our lives would be greatly impacted if a drastic change in the oil industry hit our society. It also discussed how farmers have it a little bit easier today because of the amount of help they receive from oil running a good bit of work on their farms. Another way the film is related to science and society is the political aspect of it. The film talked about how much oil is a contributing factor for war. The fight over it causes many political problems. Countries fighting over the use, misuse and control of oil causes conflict and turmoil. The film also talked about oil being the dominant factor in transportation energy. The construction of elements/machinery used for transportation, such as: automobiles, trains, etc., as well as the running of these elements are both run by oil. The film made a point to show how we are so dependent on oil, that if it is depleted, increased unemployment, poverty and bankruptcy could...
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