A Critique of the Bioethical Issues Presented in the Movie 'My Sister's Keeper'

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  • Published : August 31, 2010
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Title: "A Critique of the Bioethical Issues presented in the movie 'My Sister's Keeper'."

A Critique of the Bioethical Issues presented
In the movie 'My Sister's Keeper
August 19, 2010

This movie tells a story of a young girl who is willing to do anything for her sister, yet on the same aspect she is willing to do whatever it takes for her to have legal rights to her own body. Many of the issues previewed in the movie, are bioethical issues that American's and people all over the world are faced with today. This movie will make you question anything your opinions on current bioethical issues facing the world today. A Critique of the Bioethical Issues presented

In the movie 'My Sister's Keeper'
Today, many children are born will illnesses and diseases that could potentially cause them to no longer be with us. As a parent, you try to find a cure on your own, or something that would possibly help the sick live a little longer. It never occurs to parents that sometimes, you just aren't a genetic match to be a donor for your child or loved one. Some people take matters into the own hands, and genetically conceive a child in a petri dish, resulting in a genetic match for their sick child or loved one. Some people know this process as "Designer Babies". Designer Babies offer many pro's to their families: genetic matches, preventing diseases, guaranteed to have the characteristics of the parents, they can grow healthy organs that would later on benefit their loved ones. In this movie, there were many pro’s to Anna being a designer baby for Kate. Anna was able to provide bone marrow to her sister when her parents weren’t a match. Anna was also able to donate granulocytes, lymphocytes, core blood, and white-cell transfusions. In doing these donations to Kate, her sister. Anna was able to prolong the life of Kate, who was expected to die from acute promyelocytic leukemia. Although there are many pro’s to being a designer baby, there are...
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