A Critical Review of Consumer Motivation in Purchasing a Kitchen Stove

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A critical review of consumer
motivation in purchasing
a Kitchen stove

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Means End Analysis7.
Product Attributes8.
Product Benefits and Values9.
Semiotic 10
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A.Ilve advertisement13

ILVE 60CM Electric Oven with Gas Cooktop Stainless Steel T60LMP.

Today’s marketers acknowledge that understanding consumer motivation and in particular their needs, will give them the edge in selling their products. Definition of Motivation. Examining consumer motivation by using means end analysis we can see the influences that impact on the decisions buyers make when purchasing a stove. The ILVE kitchen stove, model number T60LMP, a 60cm Electric Oven with a gas cooktop is the product used in this paper . The stove is a robust Italian hand-made product which has been designed for compact kitchens, it main features include the cool touch technology, wok burner, pizza and bread function, the separate storage and warming compartment and a very impressive 00C to 1750C heating in 6 minutes. It has been found that the main buyers of cooking appliances are homeowners as well as home development companies (Kitchen Appliances Industry Profile: Global, 2010). Lastly, using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and McClellands trio of needs theory, it can be shown how marketers apply these theories to consumer behaviour in their advertising campaigns.

As Schiffman (2008) states, “Human needs or, in this case, consumer needs are the basis of all modern marketing. Needs are the essence of the marketing concept.”(Schiffman, 2008, p.). Needs are the primary source of all human actions, and it becomes a motive when aroused to a sufficient level (See Fig 1.)

Model of motivation


Consumers experience two types of needs; innate and acquired. Innate needs which include food, clothing, water, sleep and sex are physiological, and often termed primary needs due to fact that they are required for living. Acquired needs are psychological in nature and termed secondary needs as they are the consumers learnt response to culture and the environment. Goals are the flow on effect of motivated behaviour and there are numerous factors that influence the selection of goals, including personal experience, resources, cultural values and the goal’s accessibility in the physical and social environment. Purchasing the Ilve stove is the product specific goal of an acquired need.

Since kitchen stoves have now become a necessity of everyday life, and a feature of every modern house, positive motivation can be assumed as the driving force towards this goal. Positive motivation is the consumers driving force towards an object whilst negative motivation is avoidant behaviour directed away from an object. In choosing a stove both rational and emotive motives impact on the decision making process for the consumer. Rational motives when buying the Ilve include size, price and reliability. It has been suggested that consumer confidence in the economy has a flow effect to increased purchasing of large domestic products (Domestic Appliance Retailing in Australia Industry Report, 2011). Emotional motives include personal taste, colour, features, quality and prestige.

Delving further into consumer motivation Means-end theory is used by marketers to connect consumer behaviour (means) with their goals (ends). The means end chain breaks down into Attributes, Benefits and Value. Attributes relate to the product itself, and there can be concrete, meaning tangible aspects or abstract aspects, which are the intangible in nature. Similarly, the product usually has two types of benefits, those that are functional, meaning what the product...
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