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* See this helpful link regarding information on the textbook: * See BB (BlackBoard for more information re: CourseMate and Course key information)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: MKT 350 Principles of Marketing. Prerequisite: 54 credit hours and PSY 121; and undergraduate business majors must be admitted to COBA. Structure, functions, principles and methods employed in discovering and translating consumer needs and wants into product and service specifications and then transferring these goods and services from producers to consumers or users. 3(3-0) F,S

1) To introduce the student to basic marketing concepts that guide the successful development of marketing strategies within a socially responsible and ethical context 2) To enable the student to recognize the interrelationship among the marketing mix elements, organizational resources, and environmental variables 3) To provide the student with a marketing acumen regarding the concepts of the customer, target marketing, market segmentation analysis, buyer behavior, product concepts, logistics, pricing, & promotion

* There will be Five exams that are equally weighted.
* Tests are 50 multiple choice questions and will cover book material, lecture material, videos, and guest speakers. * A Test review will be posted on BB prior to each test.
* Students will have one hour to complete the test
* An OPTIONAL COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAM will be given during exam week at the designated exam time. * This final is OPTIONAL and may be used to replace a lower grade on a prior exam or a zero grade on a missed exam. If your optional final exam grade is lower than your lowest test grade, you will NOT be penalized – the better grade will prevail. * A Final Exam review will be available on Blackboard during the last class week. * Your right to take the optional final will be forfeited if any of your previous tests are suspect due to academic integrity violations

* During tests, all baseball caps must be reversed (i.e. bill towards back) for both males & females. * I reserve the right to change you to a different seat at any time during the examination. * If you arrive late during an exam, you still must turn in your exam at the end of the examination period (i.e. no time extension). * If you are involved in a legitimate university function (see University Attendance Policy below), I will be amenable to schedule a make-up test prior to the actual test date. * NO MAKE-UP EXAMS WILL BE GIVEN unless the instructor deems a situation exceptional. The instructor will require proof of the compelling circumstance. * If, for any reason, you miss an exam, it is imperative to notify me within 24 hours of the missed exam. It is your responsibility to ensure that I have received your notification. * If the instructor determines that the missed exam is due to compelling circumstances, a make-up exam may be given at the instructor’s discretion. * The instructor will determine the time & content of the make-up exam. * DO NOT rely on a make-up exam as an option – this is rarely granted * If a make-up exam is allowed, the instructor reserves the right to lower the make-up exam grade by one letter grade.

* VALS & PRIZM assignments will be demonstrated in “Mary’s Lectures” Ch. 6 * Instructions for submission can be viewed under “Assignments” button & are due at the beginning of class 2/12/2013 Tuesday

Exam 1: Ch. 1, 3, 2, 410090 -100%A
Exam 2: Ch. 6-8 10080 - 89%B
Exam 3: Ch. 11-14 10070 - 79%C
Exam 4: Ch. 15, 16, 2110060 - 69%D
Exam 5: Ch. 17-19 100< 60%F
PRIZM assignment/due 2/12 10
VALS assignment/due 2/12...
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