A Coral Competition at the Port Dickson Beach

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Last Summer Holiday was a splendid day to go to the beach, it was a hot sunny day. That afternoon while me and my sister were having ice-cream under a tall tree. Out of the blue, my father pop out in front of me holding a newspaper which gave me a big fright! My father say that he has great news! Which that he wants to bring us to Port Dickson, He showed us the news that referring to today Port Dickson is organizing an annual seashell collecting competition. Soon, we pack our stuff and head to Port Dickson as soon as possible! On the way to Port Dickson, I was watching the view of the sky. The sun was shining brightly in the sky, birds was flying out and about. Wow! Such Great View! After a few hours, we finally reach our destination. On the moment I stepped on the sand, I can feel the wind blew across me, I can hear children screaming and playing, I can smell the saltyness of the seawater. Later, father chose a nice spot to put our things while me and my sister beganing to change our clothings and headed to the waters. We have so much fun in the water. After an hour, it was time for the contest to begin. Me and my sister started to collect seashells around the beach. After a few hours of hardwork, we soon gather 10 buckets of seashells! Dad was so proud of us. When the marks have been pronounce, the judges spoke our names in 1st Place! Were so happy! We got a Beautiful Hamper and a trophy! In was evening, the sky had became orange pink. After we watched the sunset, we then packed our things and headed home. It was the best day I ever had in my entire life!
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