A Conclusion in Imagination

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Local Thug Found Dead in Slum Ruins

A young guy slept in the slum ruin but he held a smile on his face forever

A boy was founded under the crashed wall on his back in a slum ruin near the city and looked like it hit the boy really hard with a certain speed. But one thing could be sure was that accident caused the boy’s death.

When the reporters arrived the scene, the crashed the walls and the ruins were cleaned by police without the boy’s dead body lying on the empty ground and left it under the sun. That’s how the police dealt with the accident.

Photos, witnesses, the ruins and the tire prints showed there once had a big movement, but nobody knows, that big movement caused a life done. Police were asked what was happened there? Why that boy was died there? The police did not give an answer, they said, “we are now discovering the whole accident now and we have nothing to tell you guys. Please back up. Please!”

The angry police seemed he knew something, but only problem to these reporters was, they had no clue to prove that their thoughts that is they thought that the boy was trying to protect something which was in the ruin that however, he was killed by the fallen wall and the mysterious was the demolition workers told them that they had found nothing in the ruins beside the dead body. So the question is why the guy face held a very sweet smile? They did not know anything.

According to the witnesses, they saw that guy ran quickly passing them and shouting STOP! STOP! STOP! They did not know why he reacted like that but from the voice they heard they found out he had something emergency to the ruin. But no one could say what was in the ruin, but they only knew was the ruin would be crashed. And this guy ran and jumped into the ruin and never came back. What’s more, his name was Tsotsi.

Yet, police still not gave out the exact answer to this accident, they tried to avoid all the questions with the lies and hid the answer deeply into every...
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